1. Jesus, the creator of the universe

    The Bible tells us that Jesus is the creator of the universe. In this article I explain why and make this clear with Bible verses. Why is that so important, one might think? Well, if Jesus is indeed The Creator, imagine what it means when Jesus came to that same creation, became man and became part of His own creation, to save us. Also imagine what it means when one would say to believe in Jesus and that it would be possible to, at the same time, believe in evolution. One can impossibly separate the gospel, and Jesus, from creation. He made it. Saying everything came into being by evolution is directly insulting Jesus and neglecting who He is and what He did. This article shows why.


  2. Why can't Adam and Eve be apes?

    Many so called Christians are trying to mix or combine evolution with the Bible today. This happens for example in theistic evolution. Such persons are often, for all kinds of reasons, already convinced of evolution, but want to combine it with faith and therefore come up with all kind of creative ideas how to mix this with Genesis 1-3. That often leads to a total different interpretation of the Adam and Eve as described in the Bible, like suggesting they could have been apes. What are the direct implications of such attempts, especially to the Gospel?


  3. You basically cannot believe in evolution, being a Christian

    As we all know and can observe today, there is a strong tendency in the Church to neglect or deny the literal importance of Genesis 1-3. Often one can hear things like: ‘Genesis is not written like a newspaper, with factual information about how it really, historically happened. It tells us the main things, the big picture’, one says, it gives answer to ‘who’ and ‘why’, not exactly ‘how’ and ‘when’. So, it leaves room for things that went factually different’, they say. This article discusses the consequences of mixing evolution with faith and why they cannot go together.


  4. Why is the Bible so unique?

    This article describes eight characteristics with which an answer is given to the question why the Bible is so completely unique. Now, of course being unique does not automatically mean that it would also be the inspired word of God, but this article, certainly with the whole picture 'sketched out', also gives clues about that.


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