Why can't Adam and Eve be apes?

If Adam and Eve were not real people, that would totally effect the gospel. Why? Because, if there never was a historical Adam and Eve, as described in Genesis, then there also never was original sin, because the historical Fall would never have happened. If there never was a Fall, then we would not be sinners and then there would also be no need for salvation. If there is no need of salvation, then there is no need for a savior either. And if there is no need for a savior, then Jesus, although it would be very questionable if He still would have come to the earth and died for us (why would He? what for?), would have totally died in vain! Why? Because he died for our sins and to free us and set us free; to save us. So believing in evolution and/or trying to enter evolution in the Bible and combine them, is absolutely and totally devastating to the Gospel.

So, how one thinks about Genesis, or Adam and Eve, is not just a minor issue or a minor doctrine, like some say. No, it is a core and assumed doctrine of the Gospel! A very important one. Evolution totally destroys that and ridicules the work of Jesus. If evolution corrupts the foundation of the Gospel, then Christians who say combining is possible, basically change the very core of the Gospel, namely that Jesus died for our sins and our sinful nature, and then they do have to consider what the Bibles says in Galatians 1:8. "If we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to what we have preached to you, he is to be accursed!". Giving room for evolution is killing the Gospel. So, everyone who is contributing to that vision, and continues to do so, has a big problem.

It is incorporated and implied in the gospel that Jesus died for our sins and that we have to acknowledge that, when being converted. How can we ever acknowledge that or fully understand it if there was no sin at all and why would we even consider ourselves sinners? How much of a Christian is one, if one never understood the condemned state one is in, nor understanding the need for conversion, nor why Jesus came and what he died for? If someone, who calls himself a Christian, says to believe in evolution, this can only be possible when he is only just reborn, since short, when he possibly still may have a twisted view, but he can never ever hold on to that position, if at least one understands the gospel, and if God's Spirit truly is in him (who does not have His Spirit does not belong to Him!). Then it is normal and expected that he would let go of it very quickly. If not, he just doesn't understand it at all and if so, what does he believe then? Can one call that believe? If one is believing the wrong things, does one believe at all then? It by no means is a normal standpoint for a Christian; it is abnormal and totally wrong. It is a corrupted view of the gospel and, with that, it does not give glory and honor to God; moreover it dishonors God. How can one ever praise God or thank God for what He did, when not understanding or seeing what He did and why He needed to do it?

If such a person does not let go of it’s evolutionist view, then other factors may play a big role, like wanting to be taken seriously by other scientists, friends, family, work, network, colleagues; you name it. Then it is very questionable if one dares to carry His cross and bear the foolishness of the Gospel. One may very well have converted to a religion then, instead of being born again. One should believe with ones heart and confess with the mouth, but how can one ever do that, or love God, if the conviction of evolution totally denies God or the need for Jesus? And that is what such a persons does, if he, at the same time, says to also believe in evolution. Can't you see that this is totally blasphemous! It denies and downgrades God in who He claims to be, and what He revealed about Himself to us in His Word and how He claims, as truth from above, how it historically has gone. It destroys the Christian faith, the Gospel, and only raises doubts and rather leads to disbelieve, then believe. Doubt may be the new faith today, but not according to the Bible (James 1:5-8).

If conversion is real, one would expect a new born Christian to leave this evolutionist standpoint very quickly. If not, one simply does not realize or has not understood the gospel fully, or does not grow at all, nor understands the seriousness implications of a wrong view and so it becomes very questionable if such a person is really reborn. It just simply cannot hold and if it does, something is really and deeply very wrong! And if someone, who is claiming to be a Christian, is deliberately holding on to a standpoint of evolution, for years, even saying that it can be combined, that is a total disgrace to God. One cannot be a real Christian, a real believer then. Impossible. And if such a person is trying to convince others of that as well (as a sort of 'new gospel'), then such a person is even a great deceiver also. Sadly enough, I see this happening on a scale like never seen before. It is exactly what is being claimed today. By church leaders and preachers! They say it can go together and that it does not matter any more for one’s salvation or faith. With that, a twisted gospel is brought and chances are people are going to believe in a wrong gospel, which basically denies the work of Jesus Christ. That cannot be called believing Jesus; rather the opposite. One cannot depart the gospel from its factual and historical source; from factual creation, from the factual fall. With that it becomes a leap in the deep. Then it becomes no more than a projection of ones own needs, which does not have to be rooted in factual and historical truth, which is true for anyone. It does not have to count for anyone anymore. No, just as long as it is true for the believer, everything is fine, is the new norm. And with that, the gospel loses the power of its radical appeal; as the one and only truth for everyone, whether one likes it or not. If Genesis is no longer factual true, or does not need to have gone the way Genesis described, why and what for would Jesus have come to this earth? Why would he still be the absolute Truth, the Way through which anyone has to go to come to the Father? What does believe become then other than an emotional support system or an emotional feel good drug? A system mainly to rely on and find strength in or relief from burden or trouble? As a psychological projection faith to feel good with; that may very well work, in offering feelings of comfort and satisfaction, but it no longer has anything to do with core of the Christian faith, the gospel, the Bile. So much is clear.

Real and true faith is however not a sort of mystical believe-system with no historical ground, of which the latter may actually work very well on a personal level, in fulfilling a psychological need or in having a support system for difficult times. No, real faith is grounded in real and true historical facts and cannot be disconnected from it. Real faith does not question or downgrade God. On the contrary; it fully acknowledges and obeys God and it comes to a full understanding of and obedience to the Truth and His Word. "By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible" (Hebrews 11: 3). What does faith mean if we don't come to the most basic understanding and affirmation of who God is and what God did for us? It's called disbelief.

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