Turned away from the truth

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables”, 2 Timothy 4:4 KJV.

It is totally clear that we live in such a time right now. The worrying thing is that it happens to Christianity. Paul says it to Timothy as a warning and to do this as long as he had the chance (2 Timothy 4: 2), by saying: ‘Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine.’ And then the above text in bold. He warns that the hearers of the word will turn away and not be able to bear it any longer and turn to fables instead. That is exactly what is going on today! It can be seen in many areas, but I mention 2 here:

  1. The Bible is by many Christians no longer the absolutely infallible and inerrant Word of God. Evolution is by many, even by the latest bulwark of Evangelical Christians, totally accepted and is no longer seen as contradictory to the Bible, to Jesus and the Gospel. And because the Bible no longer has the final say, also many Christians have no longer a problem with and a strong tendency to fill in the Bible according to their own thinking, to what’s acceptable to them, their own convictions, instead of obediently adjusting themselves, and their way of living,to the Bible. They are only looking for churches and people around them that confirm them in their new convictions. They created, so to speak, their own bubble of acceptance. This can easily be found nowadays and therefore they can feel very comfortable and satisfied with that. However the truth has been undermined, an the sound doctrine has been effectively buried.

  2. When it comes to politics or the life of Christians they often make a distinction between the personal example, the life of the politician and his policy. Bad unethical destructive behavior of politicians is now totally accepted by Christians also, and no longer a barrier or problem to vote on such a person, even if it is completely contradictory with what Christ told, as long as the policy of that politicians is in line with what they, as Christians, want to see and hear and what they regard as their own way of living; As long as the candidate does what they would like to see best, and preserve the most secure environment for them and their children, they will go along with it and vote for such a person. But, is it at all a task of a Christian to choose the most secure environment for themselves, or to be a lighting example in their environment, what ever yet that environment may be? Is it the task of Christians to secure a Christian way of living for everyone, even if the majority of non-believers does not want that, or does not want to go back to that? No, Christians are meant to set an example in line with how Christ lived in whatever environment one lives. Christians seem to be easily tricked into the pitfall of standard Christian hobbyhorses like ‘abortion’ and Israel’ and totally fall for that. They are too easily trapped and let themselves be the victim of trickery and treason.
    Take for example Trump (T). He is a total example of an anti-Christ, although he pretends to be a Christian. He lives and behaves completely the opposite of what Jesus did, said and behaved. Not only that, but he publicly sets a strong and shameful contra-example and makes it normal to break down decency, truth, and not treating each other equally and with respect, as human beings. He breaks down what has been built up for centuries. He saws hatred and creates deep division with what he says and does and that as president of the United States. He exchanged the truth for a lie and spreads unproven conspiracy theories, and his followers, including Christians(!), seem to blindly believe in him, despite that fact that he has made over 30000 false claims and/or lies. Despite this fact, many Evangelical Christians in America have no problem voting for him. ‘We don’t vote for the person, but for his policy’, they often say and try to excuse themselves with that. It probably helps them a lot that they know he is not a Christian; it makes it easier for them, because then they think they have no reason to blame him for it (he then 'can't really help it', they'll argue). But yet, they should be very well aware that it still effects them (not only them) and more than they realize is good for them.

It is unbelievable that Christians try to disconnect T.’s personal bad behavior from his policy and, sometimes even saying that they ‘despise the person, yet totally support his policy'. They still convincingly voted for him and most of them are even not ashamed to openly and publicly express their support for him. Suppose Jesus would have talked and lived like T. did, but then wrote down his policy more in line with what they're used to and would expect (the Bible). Would they then have said; 'Oh forget about his behavior; it's about his policy, not his behavior'. By no means. By the way, T. did even dare to say at a rally, where he boldly and shamelessly made the comparison: 'there is only one more famous than me: Jesus Christ...' But T. totally and clearly is an anti-Christ (not the anti-Christ); He is totally the opposite of how Jesus was, how he lived, what he said and what he did. I don't know of a more clear and present anti-example of Jesus than T.. And then Christians should be very aware and careful about it. The opposite seems true.

Christians should relate, when everything is alright, more strongly to that other, most important person, namely Jesus Christ; not in the first place for his policy but for who he is and how he lived (both are totally consistent by the way). They should, in the first place and above all, be followers of Christ, and act like Him, in word and dead. They should live and preach the gospel and live, act and speak like Jesus did. So much is clear. How on earth can they combine that with being an explicit supporter of T. who is the total opposite, an anti-Christ and who breaks down all the norms and values of good civilized behavior, decency and respect? You tell me. It is totally impossible, one would say, or at least it should be for normal sane thinking people. And yet it seems logical to them to choose for T. anyway, because of issues like 'abortion' and 'Israel' and because he, in that respect, is closer to what they like to see for themselves. But, again, a Christian should not, at all cost, choose to certify an environment that looks more and more like their own standard norms and values, no, a Christian should live them, even in a world completely departing from it; and that is something completely different. And living such a live as a Christian does not fit with (openly) supporting an anti-Christ like T., which should weigh very heavily on the scale. Period. What Jesus stood for and what T. stands for does not go together. Or do unborn lives matter more than Covid deaths? What he says and does breaks down democracy completely, the normal agreed upon norms on which Christian values are also based, to treat and respect people equally alike, and so breaks down the normally accepted (not even Christian-) rules of decency and treating each other with respect and equity.

But what’s more. How does that effect them? It would not effect them that much as long as they shut up, but they won't and don't shut up as I noticed, and with that they loose the ‘right’ to speak and to bring the gospel. The gospel and the message of the Kingdom of God, as expressed in the Sermon of the Mount, is silenced by that and made powerless. It creates a big problem, because Christians should and must preach the gospel, the Kingdom of God, not 'the kingdom' of T.! But openly supporting T. makes that nearly impossible. Explicitly supporting T. and, at the same time bringing the gospel or setting an example of Christ, cannot go together, because T. is setting such a publicly shameful anti-example. Can't you see that? T.and Jesus are anti-poles. But it is not only a problem for bringing the gospel, it also is a problem for the content of the gospel itself and that should (always) even be more alarming. Why?

Because the Gospel is all about truth. The truth. And T. is all about lies and deception and believing his lies. And it is astonishing how blindly his followers, and shamefully, including many Christians, believe his lies and his conspiracy theories. What used to be normal, fact checking and controlling, the factual truth, is now seen as a Fake media report and false reports by the so called ‘deep state’. What never happened before, after the election of Biden, namely that T. does not want to concede, is, without any substantial evidence, spreading rumors of fraud, which is unbelievable! Never seen before! And Christians, astonishingly enough, easily go along with it and start talking the same talk and defending it publicly and openly, which is shocking and outright deeply shameful. Christians rather have become followers of T. and conspiracy theories than followers of Christ, so it seems. I don't want to have anything to do with that and I totally distance myself from such behavior. You now mostly only hear them talking about just that that, and, instead that they talk and behave like Christ, or are worried about that, they spend a great deal of their time defending T.! That is a bloody shame, and a direct threat to the Gospel, but one can try to say something about it or even shout from the roof tops how bad this is; it does not help anymore, because people apparently yet believe what they want to believe. And then we are back again at the top quote in bold above this article. People don't let them selves be corrected any more (which is also a sign of the time).

Christians also very strongly contribute with that to a great division among families, friends and society, without any sane healthy down to earth common sense, so it seems. Politics, and expressing their convictions constantly about it, at all times, has become way more important to them, so it seems,than the importance of human relationships and family relationships. They prefer to express their questionable political preferences and convictions above their relationships and it causes many families and friends to break up. The lie and division rules, instead of truth and unifying love, because they have exchanged the truth for the lie and rather prefer to believe that, even against all odds. That is what going on. People seem to have gone crazy on a large scale. Many have turned, even without realizing it, to conspiracy thinking and cannot be reached with sound doctrine or thinking anymore, and no arguments what so ever can ever change their mind anymore, simply because they are no longer open to arguments other than the ones they choose and prefer to believe. Their own fables have become everything to them. Let alone that it does not seem to bother them at all that this can be a clear and present danger to the spreading of the gospel and the acceptance of it. So, to them I would say: 'Come to your senses and get yourself together again'. "See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Therefore be ye not unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is!" (Ephesians 5: 15-17). Seriously! Think again! Please prioritize your behavior, activities and time as a Christian, and: "Choose this day whom you will serve."(Joshua 24: 14-15). It's about time!

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