1. Christian?

    Professing rationally to a written creed, theology or doctrine does not make one a Christian. What does make one a Christian then? Or, what does make one a believer, who also, at the same time, is a true disciple and follower of Christ?


  2. My King

    About: ‘Thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever’, the complementary close of ‘Our Father’, the Lord’s Prayer. Whoever heard of a kingdom without a king? Who is your king? If you would ask me who is mine? I would say: ‘Have you got a minute... ?‘


  3. What about hell?

    Some years ago I was at a party and someone came up to me and said to me out of no-where: ‘I don’t believe in hell anymore’ he used a dark grumbling voice, turned his head and made all kinds of funny faces and came with his head very close to my face rolling with his eyes apparently to scare or impress me.


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